Our Story

We started as Doc’s Donuts in February of 2018 and rebranded and opened with an expanded menu on March 1, 2019.  My husband, Jeromy Scott Doc (so many names…don’t ask) had always dreamed of owning a restaurant of some sort.  I personally think if you have a dream, you chase it!  We found the cutest little log cabin for sale in Wears Valley, put in an offer that same day and closed a month later.  The cabin in its current state was an actual house, so we spent the next month renovating and decorating and developing our business plan. Doc’s Donuts was a great success, but we learned that people like to have options other than donuts for breakfast.  Who are these people?  I don’t know, but they exist.  We renovated…..again.  Developed a new menu. Created the cutest little chicken logo you have ever seen.  And re-opened for business as Mountain Chick Cafe.

Jeromy is the resident chef.  He loves experimenting in the kitchen and comes up with some delicious new things on the regular.  I do not like cooking, washing dishes or getting up early, so having a breakfast restaurant isn’t the obvious choice for me.  However, I do love coffee, and we have the best coffee and espresso around.  I also love people, and we get to meet the most wonderful ones coming through our cafe.  All in all, it is a great fit.  Just don’t talk to me before my coffee.